Eze’s New Pet

On Wednesday morning, Ezekiel woke up and told me there was a wasp in his room. I thought he was just dreaming, and didn’t really think much after that.

Fast forward to 4:03 this morning. I heard Dave say, “What buddy?” and heard Ezekiel reply, “Der’s a wasp in my room, Daddy”. I heard them go into the kitchen, and then heard Dave whack the fly swatter against the walls a couple of times in Ezekiel’s room. He came back to bed and I asked him if there was indeed a wasp in Ezekiel’s room. He told me it was a moth 🙂

This afternoon I picked Ezekiel up from daycare. As we were heading home, I asked Ezekiel about the moth in his room last night/this morning. He told me, “yep, there was a moth. And daddy killed it. And now it’s my pet. I brought it for show and tell today”. I laughed and laughed when he told me that. Dave verified the story when he got home from work. I laughed even harder when he told me that Ezekiel asked one of his favorite caregivers to come and look at what he brought, and she jumped back about a foot when Ezekiel opened his hand to show her his new pet.

Just now before bed I asked Ezekiel where the moth was. He told me, “Amelia at daycare killed it” (?).  I asked him how she killed a dead moth. He told me that yes it was dead, but she killed it even more and then it fell apart. I love five year olds.


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