“So he’s ahead of me?”

Last night, we were getting Ezekiel ready for bed when he started bringing up his best stalling tactic – Ask-Dad-a-question-about-Simon-and/or-adoption. Little stinker bottom already knows that is a topic that we are always willing and happy to talk about with him, and uses it to extend bedtime out every once in a while. I immediately told him we’d talk about it some other time that wasn’t a time when he was supposed to be sleeping and gave him a kiss good night.

I headed out to the living room to work on the computer for a bit and heard Ezekiel ask Dave, “What day is it in Korea?” Dave answered, “Well, if it’s Monday evening here, then it’s… it’s… RACH? What day is it in Korea right now?” I called back that it was Tuesday morning in Korea. Dave came out to the living room a couple of minutes later chuckling. He told me that after he answered Ezekiel’s question, Ezekiel kept saying, “So Simon’s ahead of me?” (Mr Competitive – hates being last in line, last for anything).

This morning I called home while I was driving in to work and Dave told me that Ezekiel woke up still thinking about adoption and Simon and time zones, etc. I heard him say, “When you and Mom go get Simon, you’ll be ahead of me. But when Simon comes home, he’ll be the same as us. Will that make him feel sad that his foster family is ahead of him?”

I love watching and listening to Ezekiel process life.


Sweet Cheeks

Last night I got to see my best friend from high school, Robin. She was home from Hotlanta because her grandpa passed away last weekend. A sad reason to be home, but a happy reunion. She brought her daughter L along for the trip, who just happens to be our goddaughter. She is flippin’ a-DOR-able. Love this little lady. I see such a sweet spirit in her independent little soul. And her eyes (that don’t miss a thing) take up half of her itty bitty face. She and Ezekiel had fun playing yesterday, and we had fun oohing and aahing over her girly little voice saying, “Uh oh, what’s that?” He did a great job sharing his cars and being gentle with her – giving this mama hope and assurance that he will indeed be a great big brother.

Watching Dave with her made it pretty apparent that we won’t be done growing our family after two little boys. (Praying Simon is my easy-going kid). A girl will likely need to be added to our mix. And that little girl will be overwhelmed with love and protection from her daddy and big brothers. I better enjoy my “only female” status in the family while it lasts 🙂


Officially a Kindergartener

How can it be? My teeny tiny, scared, angry, sparkly, funny little 20 month old is suddenly an incredibly intelligent, witty, happy, sparkly and {somewhat} taller 5-year old. A Kindergartener-come-fall. Hopefully with his little brother in tow soon after.




Another New Normal

Ezekiel started full-time daycare last Monday at the center he’s been going to twice per week for about 9 months now. As we predicted, he had a rough couple of weeks, but is starting to settle into this new normal. The funny thing is he isn’t struggling with going TO daycare. He loves daycare. He struggles with leaving. He tells us that he wants to be there from breakfast through supper. He loves his friends and teachers there. And we love them too. We feel like we found a place where they truly understand Ezekiel, and love him for exactly who he is.

I think Dave and I are struggling more than Ezekiel with this new normal. Since Ezekiel has come home, we have been fortunate enough that one or both of us had a flexible, working-from-home-as-needed kind of job. That has all changed now, and Dave and I are both working full-time, away from home. I knew being a working-away-from-home mom was tough, but I didn’t realize just how tough being a commuting working-away-from-home mom was going to be. Especially when Dave is not home to clean, cook and help coordinate. He kind of rocks the old socks off with his awesomeness. Last summer was wonderful, getting to stay home with Ezekiel and play together, wander to the parks, the library, picnics with friends, energy to go go go on the weekends. I hope it comes to a point where I get to do that again.

We keep reminding ourselves that this is only a season in our lives, and everything will work out for good. We have been able to save up almost enough to pay for our travel expenses for our Korea trip. If we can continue to save, it would be awesome to pay off our adoption loan early and have more freedom in deciding what our family life will look like once Simon is home.

We usually fill up our summer weekends with barbecues, bonfires, trips to friends’ and family cabins, weddings, zoo trips, concerts, etc. This spring/summer, we are realizing just how precious our weekends are, and are putting the brakes on planning too much of that stuff. It is our time to catch up on house work, meal planning, and getting our fill of family time. We do have some of the fun stuff planned, of course. It wouldn’t be summer without it 🙂

Mama’s Day

A Mother’s Day Eve bonfire. A donut for breakfast. A crown (and being dubbed “King of the Mommies”). A bike ride and picnic lunch. A Mother’s Day Moustache. What more could a girl ask for?






Adoption Study

On Wednesday, Ezekiel and I went to his final adoption study at the U of MN. I can remember at the first session, I thought they were crazy when they told me that his last session would be when he turned 5, right before Kindergarten. I felt like that day would never come, life with an almost 2 year old was so so so hard. But here we are. I have loved being a part of this study, knowing that the data they are getting from Eze is helping them publish accurate findings on adoptive kids transitioning into their families. Below is a pic of the “hat” they use to measure brain activity during different activities. You can see how much Eze loves it.


Eze’s New Pet

On Wednesday morning, Ezekiel woke up and told me there was a wasp in his room. I thought he was just dreaming, and didn’t really think much after that.

Fast forward to 4:03 this morning. I heard Dave say, “What buddy?” and heard Ezekiel reply, “Der’s a wasp in my room, Daddy”. I heard them go into the kitchen, and then heard Dave whack the fly swatter against the walls a couple of times in Ezekiel’s room. He came back to bed and I asked him if there was indeed a wasp in Ezekiel’s room. He told me it was a moth 🙂

This afternoon I picked Ezekiel up from daycare. As we were heading home, I asked Ezekiel about the moth in his room last night/this morning. He told me, “yep, there was a moth. And daddy killed it. And now it’s my pet. I brought it for show and tell today”. I laughed and laughed when he told me that. Dave verified the story when he got home from work. I laughed even harder when he told me that Ezekiel asked one of his favorite caregivers to come and look at what he brought, and she jumped back about a foot when Ezekiel opened his hand to show her his new pet.

Just now before bed I asked Ezekiel where the moth was. He told me, “Amelia at daycare killed it” (?).  I asked him how she killed a dead moth. He told me that yes it was dead, but she killed it even more and then it fell apart. I love five year olds.

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