Progress Report 2!!!

Today I received a happy surprise in my e-mail when we received Progress Report 2 on Mr Simon! My favorite part of the report was this:

He is a naughty boy; if the foster mother asks him to come to change his diaper, he smiles and runs away; at the time, she doesn’t scold him and calls him “sweet heart, come here.”

It makes me smile every time I read it. I wish I could see his little legs as he runs away from his diaper change. We received news from our agency last month that it is highly likely that we will travel in 2012 to bring Simon home. I am praying that this is true, and trying to keep my expectations low, but hopeful that we’ll bring him home well before the end of 2012.

Last month there was also a notice sent to the waiting families that we could have an opportunity to fly to Korea for (2) 1-hour visits with Simon and his foster mother before we are approved to bring him home. Part of me wishes we hadn’t received that e-mail because we can’t swing that right now, and it hurts my heart to know that I could see his little grin and fuzzy head in person, but have to wait until it’s time to bring him home. I’m thankful for lots of tasks at work to keep my mind off of things during the day, and an active, silly 5-year old to keep my mind off things at home. Oh, and I’m incredibly thankful that we get updated pictures every couple of months. Here are the latest two. Je t’adore, bebe!!!

Beret. Puppy vest. Knee pad pants. **

C is for Cookie


A Few of Ezekiel’s Favorite Things

Color: Black

Song: Veggie Tales

Person: Mommy

Dog: Gussy

Number: 5

Game: Yahtzee

Playtime activity: Legos

Movie: Kung Fu Panda

TV Show: Wild Kratts

Food: Macaroni and Cheese

Place: The planetarium

Book: The Toy Story 3 book (with Auntie Yaya and Uncle Jay’s voices reading the recording)

Thing to do outside: Work on mulching trees (with daddy)

Thing to do inside: Playing with my Batcave

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