Paper Pregnancy Brain?

I swear I’m losing my mind. I’ve heard people say they get “pregnancy brain”. Is it possible to get “paper pregnancy brain”? In the past 4 days, I have:

1. Lost my camera at my cousin’s wedding (and no one has turned it in 😦 ), with almost 100 pictures on it from the weekend.
2. Lost my check card at work, no clue where it is.
3. Gotten a parking ticket because I forgot to move my car at work (1 hour parking, and I was there for all of 1 hour 15 minutes – grr).

Work this week has been incredibly busy, and I find myself panicked, feeling like I’m missing meetings every once in a while.

I remember when I was little, feeling like my mom forgot EVERYTHING. Heck, she even forgot me at church when I was 4. (I guess I told the Sunday School teachers that “my mommy will change her clothes, and then come back and get me!”). Now? I TOTALLY get it. Holy crap, I only have 2 kids (and only 1 is at home!), and I can’t remember the simplest things. Add 2 more kids to the mix, and that’s what my mom had to deal with. It makes my mind spin just thinking about it.

I hope my brain chooses to hop back in my head sometime soon.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Emma
    Mar 08, 2012 @ 22:43:20

    I was thinking as i was doing the dishes…I’ve often been saddened by my lack of childhood memories and even my present day ability to remember things. My memory has slipped immensely since I got run down those years back. Sometimes I envision myself in heaven with a big bowl of popcorn watching my life on a screen with God. He has all my memories and I bet he’s willing to share with me what I’ve lost. I’ll admit that getting to heaven just to be reminded of all the events that have been taken from me is definitely in my top 5 reasons for going 🙂 haha. Maybe doesn’t help with your lost camera but maybe it will with these days that you are separated from Simon.


    • The Mom
      Mar 18, 2012 @ 11:38:06

      Emma, I think the same thing!!!! I often think about the “movies” I want to watch when I get to heaven. I also think I’ll get to see what Eze and Simon and whoever the rest of our kids are were like when they were babies. I can’t wait for that day. Well, I guess I could wait about 70 years 🙂


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