Zooming Along At A Snail’s Pace

Today we got the good news that we are not, in fact, terrorists. We are able to proceed with submitting yet even more forms to bring Simon into the U.S. as our son. Exciting stuff. But it really doesn’t mean anything for our wait to travel. It just means that when Korea finally submits and then approves Simon’s Emigration Permit, things will be all ready to go on the U.S. side.

Happy news on the Emigration Permit (EP) front – Korea finally started accepting EP submissions from the agencies. Families who were approved to adopt their kiddos back in March 2011 from our agency are the ones receiving this happy news right now. That means we are likely 7 months down the road from hearing these lovely words, since we were officially approved to adopt Simon in late October 2011. At least 7 months away from receiving our travel call. Things could change for the better or (I won’t even write it out), so I really don’t place a lot of weight into my prediction of 7 months from now. Our process up to now has been so different from what we had anticipated, I don’t even try to predict what’s going to happen and when anymore.

Yesterday one of my co-workers was talking about how hard it must be to wait for Simon. I was touched that she had thought about that and mentioned it. Yes, it’s super hard waiting for our son, knowing he’s half a world away, being cared for by a foster family. But at the same time, it’s SO different from our wait for Ezekiel. The wait for Ezekiel was only a 5 month wait, and every single day was excruciating. With Ezekiel, we didn’t know what his orphanage was like, names or faces of the people caring for him, updates on his health, pictures of him as he grew. With Simon, we know all of that. With Ezekiel, we would come home from work to an empty house every night and the silence would nearly suffocate me. With Simon, I come home from work to the sounds of a big brother, his dog, and his daddy playing. With Ezekiel, my arms ached to hold my son. With Simon, my arms ache to hold my second son, but it helps immensely to give Ezekiel an extra tight squeeze.


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  1. Laura Gatzke
    Mar 07, 2012 @ 16:59:14

    This so touched my heart. You and your family are in my daily thoughts as you go through this amazing process and add more love to your family!


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