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On Friday, Ezekiel told me that he had filled up his sticker chart at daycare with all of his good behavior. I was so proud of him. And then he told me that he picked out a heart ring from the toy bin as his prize for filling up his sticker chart. He described it to me “a heart ring with a smiley face on it”. He said at one point that it was for me, but I didn’t really bring it up after that because I thought he had lost it.

Tonight I got home from work and asked him if he wanted to play UNO with me because it was raining out, so we couldn’t go outside to play. He remembered that he had the cards in his backpack from our last trip, and ran to his backpack to go get it. As he was going over there, he exclaimed “Oh, and I’ll give you your ring, Mom!” Sure enough, when he came back over he had the biggest, reddest, smiliest ring I’ve ever seen. The proud smile on his face absolutely melted my heart. He asked me to put it on my pinky finger next to my wedding ring, and giggled when I told him my wedding ring was for being married to Daddy, and my new red smiley heart ring was for being married to him.

I can’t believe that out of the whole bin of toys, he picked out a prize for his mama. I think my heart doubled in size, I’m amazed daily by this boy’s kindness and zest for life. I’m so lucky and blessed to be his mama.



This weekend has been one of those weekends where my heart goes, “Mmmmmm…”. Friday night was warm, so we ate our supper in our neighbor’s 3-season porch with them. Saturday morning we biked over to a pancake breakfast and played on the playground afterward. Biking across town helped me realize just how out of shape I’d gotten since last summer when we biked/walked everywhere all summer long. Saturday afternoon we went to a St Patrick’s parade in town (which was PACKED with people), then had our friendy poos, Jon and Suze, over for some supper and games.

Today Neighbor Heidi and I pushed each other to do a 5-mile run. We beat our time last weekend by 10 minutes. Yay! Although, I’m trying my hardest not to be so competitive with myself. It’s how I tend to hurt myself running. I think I’ll plan to run the 8k on the 4th of July this year. It’s fun and motivating to have a goal. Especially after having spent the winter not working out consistently.

On the Simon front, we did get some good news. We are choosing to celebrate this resevedly, as we know adoption processes can change quickly. But we received news from our agency that families who submitted their paperwork before December 2011 will travel to bring their child home in 2012. We are an October 2011 family. While I’m sad knowing there are families and children who will not be united this year, I’m feeling tentatively hopeful that we will have our family of four together by Christmas this year.

Still no pictures. No camera 😦 I need to decide soon if I just want to buy a phone with a better camera already on it, and invest in a nice digital SLR. Or if I should just stick with buying another point-and-shoot that I can stick in my purse. This is the kind of thing I’m very indecisive about.

I’ll leave you with the latest Ezekielism: This morning he came into our room at 7:06, announcing that there was a 7 on his “cwock” (he is not allowed to get out of bed until there is a 7 on his clock). Dave mumbled our typical “S-day” response, “You can play in the living room or your bedroom, but Mommy and Daddy are going to keep sleeping” (LOVE this age, eating it up before a toddler joins our family again and we have to be up with the kiddos). A few minutes later, I heard him walk back into our room with flip flops on. He had just been complaining yesterday that he didn’t know how to make the “flip flop noise” with his sandals. So this morning I mumbled asked him if he was practicing his flipping and flopping. He exclaimed, “I think I’ve got it down, Mom!”

Paper Pregnancy Brain?

I swear I’m losing my mind. I’ve heard people say they get “pregnancy brain”. Is it possible to get “paper pregnancy brain”? In the past 4 days, I have:

1. Lost my camera at my cousin’s wedding (and no one has turned it in 😦 ), with almost 100 pictures on it from the weekend.
2. Lost my check card at work, no clue where it is.
3. Gotten a parking ticket because I forgot to move my car at work (1 hour parking, and I was there for all of 1 hour 15 minutes – grr).

Work this week has been incredibly busy, and I find myself panicked, feeling like I’m missing meetings every once in a while.

I remember when I was little, feeling like my mom forgot EVERYTHING. Heck, she even forgot me at church when I was 4. (I guess I told the Sunday School teachers that “my mommy will change her clothes, and then come back and get me!”). Now? I TOTALLY get it. Holy crap, I only have 2 kids (and only 1 is at home!), and I can’t remember the simplest things. Add 2 more kids to the mix, and that’s what my mom had to deal with. It makes my mind spin just thinking about it.

I hope my brain chooses to hop back in my head sometime soon.

Zooming Along At A Snail’s Pace

Today we got the good news that we are not, in fact, terrorists. We are able to proceed with submitting yet even more forms to bring Simon into the U.S. as our son. Exciting stuff. But it really doesn’t mean anything for our wait to travel. It just means that when Korea finally submits and then approves Simon’s Emigration Permit, things will be all ready to go on the U.S. side.

Happy news on the Emigration Permit (EP) front – Korea finally started accepting EP submissions from the agencies. Families who were approved to adopt their kiddos back in March 2011 from our agency are the ones receiving this happy news right now. That means we are likely 7 months down the road from hearing these lovely words, since we were officially approved to adopt Simon in late October 2011. At least 7 months away from receiving our travel call. Things could change for the better or (I won’t even write it out), so I really don’t place a lot of weight into my prediction of 7 months from now. Our process up to now has been so different from what we had anticipated, I don’t even try to predict what’s going to happen and when anymore.

Yesterday one of my co-workers was talking about how hard it must be to wait for Simon. I was touched that she had thought about that and mentioned it. Yes, it’s super hard waiting for our son, knowing he’s half a world away, being cared for by a foster family. But at the same time, it’s SO different from our wait for Ezekiel. The wait for Ezekiel was only a 5 month wait, and every single day was excruciating. With Ezekiel, we didn’t know what his orphanage was like, names or faces of the people caring for him, updates on his health, pictures of him as he grew. With Simon, we know all of that. With Ezekiel, we would come home from work to an empty house every night and the silence would nearly suffocate me. With Simon, I come home from work to the sounds of a big brother, his dog, and his daddy playing. With Ezekiel, my arms ached to hold my son. With Simon, my arms ache to hold my second son, but it helps immensely to give Ezekiel an extra tight squeeze.

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