No news is no news?

I know. It’s shameful that I haven’t updated the old bloggy in two months. Blurgh and yikes. Hopefully this will make up for it…

Batman Goes Shopping

This picture makes me giggle every time I look at it. Eze and his building (using ALL of the blocks).

Eze's AWESOME shirt he got from our friends who went to the Philippines. Such a handsome Pinoy with his doggy.

Eze's valentines that he and Dave made - amazing!

How I love this man and his crafty ways.

To update on the Simon front: We are waiting. And waiting. And waiting. The big thing that people are waiting for right now is EP (Emigration Permit). Families who were approved in March 2011 with our agency are the ones currently waiting for these. Since we were approved to adopt Simon (4 months ago – late October 2011), no EPs have been issued. There are new adoption laws coming down the pike over in Korea that change some of the process in adopting from there. I guess that’s what is causing the long wait – the government is trying to figure out what the new process will look like.

It’s hard. I don’t really think I have words to describe just how hard it is. In the end of 2011, we thought we’d hear about EPs being processed by January 2012. Then in January, they told us it would be February 1. Soon after that, the date was upped to mid- to late-February. Now we are hearing that it will be pushed out to March some time. I’ve lost faith that the announcement-makers are telling us true things. I vacillate between angry, numb and sad.

Last night Ezekiel and I were driving to the community center to run/walk around the track. On the way over he saw a star in the sky and was excited to make a wish. He said his wish out loud – “I wish my Simon baby brother could come home soon”. I told him I wished the same thing and he told me I was copying him. Thank God for a 4-year old to keep me laughing. Hearing him talk about his Simon baby brother nearly every day makes me want to walk across the ocean and carry that baby boy home in my arms.

LOVE! Simon holding the family picture we sent, so technically it's our first picture of our family of 4. He's here with his foster mom and our care package.


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