Big Agency Small Agency

For our first adoption, we used a small well-respected agency out of St. Paul, MN. They have a long history of adoptions in the Philippines (they were one of the first agencies there). At times, we were kind of wound up I was a nut job during that adoption. Being a first-time parent AND first-time adopter, I was on an emotional roller coaster. Not through the whole process, but there were times that I convinced myself things were going wrong. Like when I was sure that our dossier had fallen out of the airplane on the way to the Phils. Each step of the way, we had one (amazing) contact for pretty much everything. Karin. She’s awesome. Organized, knowledgeable, personable, in touch, an adoptive mom herself. Exactly right for the line of work she is in.

This time around we’re using a large well-respected agency that is out of state. They also have a long history of adoptions, from many countries, but especially Korea. We feel comfortable that they know what they are doing, we like the processes they have in place for child placements, travel while in country. The thing is, they are so large that we have already dealt with at least 5 different people throughout the process. I’m always a little confused about which person I’m supposed to be e-mailing/talking with for different questions I have. At times it can feel impersonal, receiving form letters, wondering if everything is being communicated correctly, and feeling like we’re on our own to navigate these new seas. Don’t get me wrong, there are many many good things about the large agency too. For adopting from Korea, we are glad that we are with them. They process so many adoptions, that they are almost always exactly right with their predictions for travel. We get wonderful updates on Simon almost monthly. There is a large community of people to communicate with on their forums for any type of question you might have.

I guess it boils down to how much personal contact you want throughout your adoption process. In the beginning, I would have said that Dave and I would have been fine with it either way, we’re tech-savvy and can figure out most of the extensive and/or weird forms adoption requires. However, now that we’ve experienced both, I have to say we are fans of the small, personable agencies. There is just something knowing that you’re going to get the same person when you call or e-mail, and that person knows exactly who you are and where you are at in the adoption process that makes it all seem more do-able.


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