I can’t help but feel thankful this week, as Christmas approaches. I think that’s the best part of all of the holidays as I get older. They cause me to pause life for a moment and think about all of the things I’m thankful for. My thankful list right now still looks a lot like my thankful list from Thanksgiving.

Added to that list is my new beloved Kindle (I’ve already read two books on it, and now Dave has it so he can read The Hun.ger Games <— SO good!), and the fact that I have a job right now. I loved being a contractor, but with the downturn in the economy, it’s been hard for contractors to find projects right now. I now have this permanent job with people I truly enjoy working with, and great benefits. The drive stinks, and I keep waiting for that wave of “I made the wrong choice and turns out I hate this job” feeling to roll over me. Instead I feel peace each time I think of the fact that I’m able to provide for my family and use my skillz in my work place.

I’m still smiling from the memories made with my family the weekend before last. Awesome BIL Jay took pictures of the fam, and sent out a sneak peek so my mom could use it on her Christmas cards.


Some Ezekielisms from the past few weeks:

Me: Ezekiel, you are such a bright boy!
Eze: Such a BROWN boy!!

Eze: (on a 15-minute “phone call” using Dave’s old cell phone) Hang on, it’s time to eat so I have to go. I’ll text you later on my cellephone (rhymes with telephone).

Me: Eze, what should we buy Daddy for Christmas?
Eze: I know! A Batman cave (this would be what he got for Christmas from my brother and SIL). And then we should make a bridge that connects my cave to his cave!!! (Just what Dave always wanted)

This morning Dave and Eze were leaving to go out to my parents’ house to play with some different toys and get out of our house for a while. Dave called for Gus (my parents live in the country, so Gussy gets to roam free out there). Gus didn’t come, so Dave asked Ezekiel to help look for Gus. After a minute or so, Ezekiel said, “Oh, Gus is in my room!” Dave saw the bedroom door is shut, so he scolded Eze and told him it’s not kind to lock Gus in any room. He went in and there was no Gus to be seen. Then Ezekiel said, “Oh. Wait. He’s in my closet”. Sure enough, as soon as Dave opened the closet door, Gus came out, tail a-waggin’. Poor Gus. He will do anything his boy tells him to do, he’s such a good dog. Dave put Eze in a time out and had a stern conversation about treating others (including dogs) with respect and kindness. I have to admit, I was giggling a little when he called me at work to tell me the story.


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  1. Colleen
    Dec 21, 2011 @ 18:37:25

    I am giggling too! I can’t believe Eze put Gus in the closet!!


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