Happy Heart

Yesterday was SUCH a fun day. Between my little sister’s graduation, a celebration at a hibachi grill, family pictures, Christmas with my side of the family, and games and wine with my siblings and older nieces, I don’t think I could pick a favorite part of my day.

My younger sister — that smart little lady — graduated Summa Cum Laude with a bachelor’s degree in Art. We made lots of cat calls and ensured she could feel our pride with each mention of her name. Loudly. After the graduation, we went to a hibachi grill in the town the college is located and had our huge family surrounding the grill. Some of us ordered sushi (mmmmmmm…), but we had the opportunity to enjoy the fun of the hibachi grill guy. I wouldn’t say that Ezekiel would necessarily agree that it was an “opportunity” to “enjoy” the fun. As soon as the first flame went up in the grill guy’s show, Eze jumped off of his chair and backed in the corner while covering his ears with his hands. It was pitiful and cute, every time the flames would come, he’d run and hide, either in the corner or under my parents’ chairs. He wouldn’t even come and eat his food until the grill guy was finished and gone.

Being a firefighter might not be in his future 🙂

We went back to our house to grab Christmas gifts for our celebration later that evening, and Eze played tour guide for my older sister’s husband who hadn’t seen our new house yet. We headed out to my parents’ house after that where Ezekiel and I (attempted) to nap. He told me he wasn’t tired through many tears, and promptly zonked out. Neither of us slept very long, though, before the cackle of my family playing games reached our ears. I got up after about an hour and Ezekiel said, “Boy that was a short one, it sure is loud up there!”

Post-nap, we played some games with my family, and then the little kids headed out to sled with Auntie Yaya, Uncle Jay and Dave. I pretended that my boots didn’t fit or some such nonsense to avoid having to go out in the frigidity and risk getting snow down my pants. We ate our traditional soup-for-Christmas-Supper, and then took family pictures by the Christmas tree. My brother-in-law Jay is a very talented photographer, so he set it all up, and had it on a timer, so we were able to stuff the whole family in for a few shots. Everyone (who lives in the United States) was home for the weekend, so it was nice to get an almost-whole-family picture. The next time we take family pics, it’ll be with another little man in the shots. I can’t wait for that day. We also took individual family shots that I can’t wait to see.

After pictures, it was time to open Christmas gifts. Ezekiel’s reaction to my brother and his wife’s gift to him was priceless. It was this huge Bat.cave. He looked around and exclaimed, “Is this for real?!?!?!?!?!” And just kept oooohing and aaaahing over its awesomeness. He got a bowling set that he really loves too, and even had my little nieces pretending they were at a bowling alley and there was a screen with their names on it telling them whose turn it was.

After I opened my gift from my parents, I was a little confused. I opened my box and there was a new microwavable baked potato cooking bag in there (my old one was all tattered and old). I dug in there to see if there was something else, but it was empty. My older sister sitting next to me got the same thing. Dave said my face looked grumpy. I’d like to think I’m not that shallow and greedy (?), I had been hoping for a Kindle for a while and Dave knew that. After everyone else was done opening their gifts, suddenly my mom walked over to my sister and me with a small box in each of her hands. Matching Kindles for us. Yay!! I was so excited, I danced a little jig. Another awesome gift that we received was handmade pot holders from my mom. Why are they so awesome? Well she put one pot holder in each of our stockings, so that as a couple we would have a set of potholders. I pulled mine out and it was yellow and green. Dave pulled his out and it was yellow and purple. Perfect for our Packers vs. Vikings family 🙂

After we put the little kiddos in bed at my parents’ house, we came upstairs to enjoy some wine our older nieces bought us, and play the game we’d bought my dad – Sour Apples To Apples. SO much fun! We all had a great time, and likely kept the kiddos awake longer (and embarrassed our nieces) with our jokes and cackles.

We are giving my siblings-without-kids an opportunity to sleep in before heading back out for more fun. Ezekiel has asked us approximately 78 times this morning when he can go back out and play with his Bat.cave. Then Ezekiel has a Christmas program at church this afternoon. My heart is happy today.


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