Jobby Job

Well it’s official. I’m switching from being a contractor/consultant to being an employee on November 28th! I’ll do the same exact job I have been doing for the past 2.5 months, my paycheck will just come from a different place. Oh, and I’ll get benefits and all that good stuff. Hooray! I like the work, I like the team, I dislike the drive. However, I need to go where the work is in order to be able to pay back our adoption and pay for things like our mortgage. And food. And electricity. And a Lamborghini. Or a Subaru.

Too bad Minnesota gets so dang cold for 6 months out of the year so my amazing landscaper husband can’t work through winter. It’s a nice change of pace to have him more, though, and he and Ezekiel are learning how to be with each other without going insane. We’ll see what happens when the snow flies and they’re more house-bound than they’ve been the past few weeks.

Here are some pictures of an adventure they took a couple of weeks ago. We have some great hiking trails around our area, so they took advantage of one of those during this beautiful fall we’ve been having. We also live near a river and this hiking trail happened to go down to the water. Gus leaped right into the water and started swimming around — thanks to our friends Rick and Jon, this dog LOVES water. Dave had to call him out though, since the river can have a pretty strong current here. Poor Guggy.

Beautiful. Handsome.

You comin', Dad??

The trailhead

Ezekiel pointing out a "bear" track (according to him). Or perhaps a raccoon.


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  1. Tammy
    Nov 20, 2011 @ 19:55:13

    Congrats on the job!


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