Funny Boy

A couple of weekends ago we were sitting on the floor playing a game. I may have passed a little gas. Suddenly Ezekiel plugged his nose and said, “Whatcha tryin’ to do, Mom??? Make compost or somethin’?????? You know animals are attracted to compost”. I almost died laughing. When asked where he’d heard that from, he told me “Curious .George”. Thanks PBS. Now he says it anytime anyone toots, or when he poops.

On Halloween, we were walking from house to house having a great time trick-or-treating. At one house, a college-aged girl exclaimed, “Batman!! Wow, what a scary Batman!” When Ezekiel heard that he tipped his mask up and said, “Oh no, I’m just a boy!” The girl was laughing so hard at that, and so were we. He didn’t want to scare anyone 🙂

At another house, they were completely decked out with lights, dry ice, spooky decorations, the works. The owners came to give out candy dressed as a witch and a ghoul. Ezekiel REFUSED to go up to their door after seeing them, so the witch handed some candy to me which I then gave to him. Dave and I chuckled and started walking to the next house. Ezekiel would not move from that spot and just kept staring at the guy dressed as a ghoul. We finally convinced him to walk with us, but he would not turn his back to the guy. Suddenly he yelled out, “I’ve got my eye on you, mister!!” And walked backwards until the house was out of sight. I love this boy.

Last week one night, Dave came downstairs to find Ezekiel watching a movie on tv. We didn’t realize he knew how to turn the tv on… much less order a movie off of OnDemand. Yep, he ordered Crazy,Stupid,Love off of OnDemand. At least it was a movie we’d been wanting to see, and not something *else*!

Also, he is completely obsessed with the Wild.Kratts on PBS right now. Some days he insists that we call him “Chris”, as in Chris Kratt. And then he calls Dave “Martin”. This past Saturday he spent most of the day calling me “Aviva”. Randomly he will jump up in the air and yell “What if?!?!” and tell me that he’s using his creature power to do something. The imagination on this boy is something else. I can’t get enough of listening to it.

This morning I was giving him a kiss goodbye before I left for work. He was sound asleep, but I heard him mumble, “Mommy”, so I asked him what he said. He said, “(mumble mumble) was lost so I had to show him how to get back here”. I told him he was a good friend for doing that. Then he said, “Then I got a sucker and it was SO spicy”. I asked him for a kiss, so he puckered up and starting snoring before I was even out of the room.


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